Like Father, Like Son

There is no "off switch" for my father. He doesn't stop working just because it's the weekend. My father uses this time to get more work done, primarily around the house. Ever since I was a child, there has rarely been a weekend where he wasn't mending something in our home. Whether it be replacing the carpet, building a shed, or fixing a roof, there was always something to be done. These photographs captured some of the process and tools used as he indulged himself in ripping up our floor and replacing it with vinyl tile. 

As I continued this body of images, I began to see how similar we both were. He loved the work he was doing as he repaired our house constantly and I didn't care for it at all. For the longest time I believed us to be polar opposites, but I came to realize we are one in the same. We are both workmen, even though an artist is more than likely to be erased from this category by most. We just work in different mediums and use different tools. We are both constructors, him of steel skeletons and I of photographs. Through the process of photographing him I was able to connect and grow a lot closer to him.

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